It’s Coming Up on Shearing Time

It’s almost that time of year!  In fact some of our customers are telling us that they’ve sheared already. I need to get my two sheepies on the shearer’s schedule.  But if you’ve got your wool off the sheeps’ backs then send it on to us.  The mill is running great.  The stress that we dealt with all last year is thankfully behind us.  We marvel every day at how well the carder is working now that we’ve had it refurbished.  We are all caught up on processing which means two things:  our turn around time right now is pretty darn quick and I’ve managed to sneak some of my own wool through the mill.  I usually can’t do that because working on my wool puts us behind on running our customer’s wool.  How lame is that?  I own a wool processing mill and can’t even get my own wool done. I’m my own plumbers wife.

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