Some Days Are Diamonds

This wasn’t one of them.  In between running to the basement to wait out the tornado warnings, we burnt out the heating coil or what have you of the heat on demand wall heater we use to boost the heat from the big water heater.  Plus some wool that just won’t come clean and rain, rain, rain.  If the US and other western governments are really using a weather machine to cause rain in North America and drought in Iran, I sure wish they’d stop already.  I had a river running through the sheep and alpaca pasture.   On top of all that it is super hard to get wool clean and dry in this soup we’ve been living in all spring.

Speaking of wool that won’t come clean…If it’s 10 years old people, that grease is set on it. Do yourself a favor and toss it out and buy new wool.  You’ll be happier and so will we.

I did get the sheep and alpacas into the horse barn, hopefully to dry before the shearer comes on Friday.  If you need a new career path, you might consider shearing school.  There is a definite lack of professional shearers in this part of the country.  Thank goodness we at least have one.  I do wish I hadn’t have to wait so long this year to get on his schedule.  My Shetlands are starting to roo off.

Oh well the husband is bringing me home dinner so I don’t have to cook after my miserable day.  So rant over and I’m going to go take a shower and pretend I don’t have livestock for the next 13 hours.

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