A Doctor’s Visit for Our Ailing Machine

We had a fellow visit from Canada to look at our machine.  He builds these for a living.  So the prognosis it that at some time in the past someone accidentally put something through the machine that wasn’t intended to go through a carder.  Wasn’t us but we’re dealing with the fallout.  We are going to need to pull off three of the rollers to have them re toothed.  Meanwhile, he did tune it up a bit so that it is presently running.   We will be getting the work done as soon as possible but meanwhile we are working.

One thing that is only peripherally related to our problems is that our machine runs best when it is working with crimpy fiber.  The more crimp the better job the carder does.  Merino, Rambouillet, Debouillet, any of the down breeds, Dorset, Hampshire, etc., our machine loves them all.  When the machine is not working optimally it will usually still run these wools.   We ran a bunch of Merino today. Yummalicious.

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