A Fiber Challenge for Myself

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in daily life that I forget to do the fun stuff. Or I put it off. So I’m going to challenge myself.  I am starting another “from the ground up” project. Hopefully this one won’t take me 7 years like the last one did.

Darth Maul and Spongebob

I have two little Shetland sheep.  They are wethers.  I’m not sure what color they are.  They were sold to me as moorit but now their fleeces are a light oatmeal color.  I am using the fleeces from the year that I talked my brother-in-law into helping me shear rather than hauling them to a friend’s farm to meet the shearer.  So there are a few second cuts in this fleece.

On the Conveyor Belt

I took both fleeces from that year and dyed them orange, yellow and green

with Washfast Acid Dyes.  I left some the natural color.  Then I ran them in order through the carding machine.  It blended them slightly.  A lovely roving resulted.  We took it to the Fiber Festival in Bethel, MO but, while we sold out of all our natural colored rovings, the colored stuff didn’t sell.  I was secretly glad because I really wanted to use it myself!


So I’m currently spinning this up.  I have maybe 3 pounds to spin.  My plan is to spin and ply all of this then also spin some Black Welsh Mountain roving I have in my stash and weave it into either a ruana or some coat fabric for myself.  Although, maybe I should weave it as singles since that will make a less bulky fabric.

Fall Colored Roving

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1 Response to A Fiber Challenge for Myself

  1. Cheri McDonald says:

    Just picked up my first fleece processed by The Lone Jack Fiber Mill – brought it home and could not wait to see how it would spin. Shorter staple than I had been use to – but so beautifully carded I was able to do it ! Thank you – it spins to a soft dove gray with little bits of black. FUN! What a lovely job you did – thanks!

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